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My September 6th post was more than specific recommending coffee accumulation as March coffee futures were within my lower 25% parameter.


Today, March coffee has punched out new 5-week highs and a breakout over a Long-Term trendline study has occurred.




Adverse weather in Brazil and depleted stockpiles continue to fuel this Long-Term bull!


Clients and subscribers should also know that Vietnam’s coffee crop failure here in 2023 is problematic leading to a decrease in coffee production that has created a supply-demand imbalance, resulting in a scarcity of available coffee in the short-term.


Please note –


Brazil and Vietnam are the one and two producers of coffee in the world.


While production flails Long-Term demand for product is projected to increase dramatically in the coming years…


That said –


Those of you that did in fact call to buy coffee futures in the lower 25% ($153/$155) of the Long-Term trading range should continue to hold.

It’s my opinion the move has just begun! I will hold positions until coffee futures reach the upper 25% of the Long-Term trading range $230/$240 level.


I’m NOT recommending coffee accumulation now as the coffee market is over my lower 25% parameter.


In the meantime –


 Remember there are four important components regarding my strategies…


  1. Positions are established only in the upper or lower 25% of the Long-Term trading range.
  2. Positions are established only when my trend following methodology is up or down within that 25% parameter.
  3. Positions are held until positions reach the opposite extreme high or low. (The upper or lower 25% of the Long-Term trading range).
  4. Correct money management strategies must be implemented.


There is no question that more that 90% of commodity investors lose money…

And it’s true that my strategies also incur drawdowns…

But – What I offer is a way to be “in the market” when major commodity moves occur.

My strategies require one to maintain –


  • Patience
  • Commitment
  • Vision
  • Discipline


Those of you that have an interest in additional details regarding my strategies should call me personally. 312-690-7763.

Would love to hear from you.

In the meantime,

Have a great year trading!



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