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Frank Petricca is writer of “Petricca’s Pick” focusing on a Long Term approach for commodity traders that have an interest in Long term accumulation. Frank has worldwide recognition spurring innovation that points to communicating a different way to approach ones investment portfolio using commodity instruments. Contact Frank at 312-690-7763.



Sugar futures are in fact within my upper 25% parameter and my Long-Term trend formula is down.

Short positions are recommended on any rally.


This past month the International Sugar Association (ISO) revised its forecast for the 2023/2024 sugar production numbers.


From a sharp deficit of 2.2 million tonnes we now are looking at a paltry 330,000 tonnes due to Brazil’s record Center-South sugar production numbers, which as of the end of October was running 6.872 million tonnes ahead of last season’s pace which is a gain of 22.5%.

Just another great Long-Term opportunity for the more astute Long-Term trader…


A market overvalued where fundamental factors appear to have turned bearish.


The chart below suggests that supply/demand dynamics, even though difficult to forecast for sugar, continue to show production levels at significant high levels.


It is my contention demand will eventually drop due to a more health conscience consumer and less usage for ethanol.


Get ready for a flood of sugar as Brazilians buy electric cars…

EV’s could slash ethanol demand by as much as 40% through 2035!

Please call for details. 312-690-7763.



Those of you that have an interest in selling short sugar futures should call me for specific entry levels and council regarding my Long-Term strategies. 312-690-7763


Remember there are four important components regarding my strategies…


  1. Positions are established only in the upper or lower 25% of the Long-Term trading range.
  2. Positions are established only when my trend following methodology is up or down within that 25% parameter.
  3. Positions are held until positions reach the opposite extreme high or low. (The upper or lower 25% of the Long-Term trading range).
  4. Correct money management strategies must be implemented.


There is no question that more that 90% of commodity investors lose money…


And it’s true that my strategies also incur drawdowns…


But – What I offer is a way to be “in the market” when major commodity moves occur.


My strategies require one to maintain –


  • Patience
  • Commitment
  • Vision
  • Discipline


Those of you that have an interest in additional details regarding my strategies should call me personally. 312-690-7763.

Would love to hear from you.


In the meantime,


Have a great year trading!




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