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Frank Petricca is writer of “Petricca’s Pick” focusing on a Long Term approach for commodity traders that have an interest in Long term accumulation. Frank has worldwide recognition spurring innovation that points to communicating a different way to approach ones investment portfolio using commodity instruments. Contact Frank at 312-690-7763.



My September 6th Pick was to start coffee accumulation as coffee futures were within my lower 25% parameter.



Clients and Subscribers are now advisee to discontinue accumulation as coffee futures are now trading over the lower 25% of the trading range.

As many of you know that trade with me, the middle of the trading range is where risk/reward considerations diminish.


In the short-term –


Clients and subscribers should note that this most recent $20.00 rally is due to –

 A shortage of coffee beans around the world, in particular due to weather problems in India and lack of supply from Brazil and Vietnam.


The Longer-Term fundamentals were detailed in my September 6th post. Please call for details. 312-690-7763.


Again, my objective for coffee in the coming months is $232.50 which would be the UPPER 25% of the range.

That move would be worth approximately $28,000.00 per 1 contract.


Many of you might think my objectives are overzealous…


Please understand these amazing commodity moves occur many times a year in many different markets.


As a matter of fact –


If you take a look at the chart above, you will see that coffee futures made a similar move back in 2021 when coffee futures bottomed $136.25 and traded $246.00 in November of that same year.


It’s all about being committed to a Longer-Term trading mindset.


For more information regarding my Long-Term Strategies please call…Would love to hear from you.



In the meantime –


Have a great year trading –




Questions? Ask Frank Petricca today at 312-690-7763.        
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