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E-Mini Dow futures are in fact within my UPPER 25% parameter and the Long-Term trend is DOWN.

Those of you that have stock positions are advised to sell short stock indexes to protect assets during these most turbulent geo political times.

The definition for geopolitical is the struggle over the control of geographical entities with an international and global dimension and the use of such geographical entities for political advantage.

And yes, this most recent struggle caused Israel’s stock benchmark to plunge 6.5% the day after the war started, the biggest drop in more than three years.

The shekel weakened to the lowest since 2016 against the dollar even after the Bank of Israel unveiled an unprecedented $45 billion program to defend the currency.


As many of you know the Dow sloughed off pressures driven by the deadly Israeli-Hamas war, rallied to close 200 points higher.

Don’t be fooled –

The war in the Middle east will only exasperate economic problems globally.

  • Higher Oil prices that will ignite another round of inflation.
  • Higher interest rates that will eventually break the economy.
  • S. debt that’s out of control.


Let us not forget –

War anywhere in the world is unsettling for investors…

War in the Middle East is especially concerning as any escalation that draws Iran into the mix            could be nuclear. Yes, I said it Nuclear. While not probable, possible.


Question is? Are you protected in case this volatility was to occur.

Please call me personally for entry levels…312-690-7763.


The E-Mini Dow is presently trading 34066, 70 lower, for the December contract.


In the meantime –

Have a great year trading –

Best wishes

Frank Petricca




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