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Frank Petricca is writer of “Petricca’s Pick” focusing on a Long Term approach for commodity traders that have an interest in Long term accumulation. Frank has worldwide recognition spurring innovation that points to communicating a different way to approach ones investment portfolio using commodity instruments. Contact Frank at 312-690-7763.

Long-Term coffee position update.


My September 6th post recommended coffee accumulation due to basic supply/demand economics.

(Please call if you would like me to resend)


Again, World coffee production was higher last year, but global ending stocks continue to be extremely tight.


More importantly coffee futures are in fact within my LOWER 25% parameter where Long-Term accumulation is recommended.


We are off to a good start!


On September 6th coffee futures were trading $152.25/$155.85. Yesterday coffee futures traded $165.45.



Today, March coffee futures are trading $161.60. Would look to add under $160.00.

I will discontinue coffee accumulation over the $170.00 level.

At this point coffee futures will no longer be in the lower 25% of the Long term trading range.

Remember, the middle of the trading range is where one can have considerable difficulty in terms of profitability.


My Price objective is the upper 25% of the Long term trading range which is $220.00/$240.00.


Those of you that have an interest in leaarning more regaring my Long-Term Strategies should call me personally. Would love to hear from you.



In the meantime…


Hsave a great year trading,


Best wishes,


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