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Frank Petricca is writer of “Petricca’s Pick” focusing on a Long Term approach for commodity traders that have an interest in Long term accumulation. Frank has worldwide recognition spurring innovation that points to communicating a different way to approach ones investment portfolio using commodity instruments. Contact Frank at 312-690-7763.

Today’s Long-Term pick is to buy U.S. T-Bond futures.


Bond futures are in fact within my lower 25% parameter (Please call me personally for free Long-Term charts) where the Long-Term fundamental considerations are bullish.


The bond market has been in a major down trend for many months has the Fed continues to battle inflation, raising interest rates to the demise of all Americans.


It is, for most of us, extremely difficult to buy a house as mortgage rates have soured, buy an automobile or make credit card payments as the Fed continues to burden us with policy, that quite frankly, isn’t working.




The numbers look good as inflation has in fact decreased but ask Americans about their food bill or what happens to their pocketbook when the go to buy a tank of gas.




This Wednesday, a quarter point hike is probably in the cards that could result in a spike down for bond futures. (Please call for report interpretation)


If the Fed does hike, the post decision press conference could prove interesting as the Fed Chairman will probably suggest the rate hike cycle in the U.S. is done.


Yes, a pause, if you will…


It is my opinion the recent downtrend for U.S. Bonds is overdone and any Fed hawkishness is “in the market.”


December Bonds topped at 133-01 in April. Today December Bonds are trading 118-11 where Long-Term accumulation is recommended.


Please call for entry levels and Money Management Strategies that are so important when one makes an investment of this nature.


As many of you know Money Management Strategies are as important as actual commodity positions.

My recommendation is three futures positions (depending on margin specifics) for every $10,000.00 invested.


My strategies require on to maintain:




Those of you that have an interest for additional details regarding my Long-Term Strategies should call me personally.



In the meantime,


Have a great year trading…


Best wishes,



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