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Financials:  Dec. Bonds are currently up 6 at 126’31, down 3’2 since my last “Report” (9/22/2022). 10 Yr. Notes are 5 lower at 112’10 and 5 Year notes down 5 at 107’21. The yield curve remains inverted with the 2 year at 4.16%, 5 Year at 3.99%, 10 Yr. at 3.77% and the 30 Year Bond at 3.76%.  Market participants and commentators are now touting the perception that rates have accelerated to quickly ad that a rate hike of 0.5% at the Nov. FOMC meeting may be more appropriate than the now anticipated 75 basis point hike. Over the last 2 weeks Dec which would explain the recent sell off in the Dollar and Equities.. Bonds made a low of 123’30. Support is now 124’22 and resistance 130’06.

Grains: Dec. Corn is currently 4’0 lower at 680’0 and 8’0 lower over the past 2 weeks. Nov. Beans are 11’0 lower at 1359’0, down110’0 since my last Report. The trend remains up on Dec. corn with support at 663’0 and resistance at 706’0. The trend has turned down in Beans.

Cattle:  Dec. LC are 42 lower at 147.50, down about 225 over the last 2 weeks. I continue to have a negative bias as long as Corn stays above support. Support is 145.87 and resistance 150.30.

Silver:  Dec. Silver is down 6 cents at 20.48. Short term trend remains up and long term remains down. Resistance is at 20.62.



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