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Financials:  Sept. Bonds are 4 higher at 140’14,  down 1’10 for the week. 10 Year Notes are 4 higher at 118’29, down 1’03 for the week. % year Notes are 5 higher at 112’03, down 24 for the week. Yields are slighter higher for the week but the yield curve is still inverted. Comments from the Fed indicate that the pace of rate hikes should slow down after the Sept. FMOC meeting. Support of119’14 was tested and held during the past week. Resistance remains at 143’15.

Grains:  Dec. Corn is 2’4 lower at 609’4, down 15’0 for the week. Nov. Beans are 4’0 lower at 386’0, down 54’0 for the week. Cooler temperatures and precipitation and sluggish exports helped turn short term trends down. Support for Dec. Corn is 594’0 and resistance 631’4. Support for Nov. Beans 1360’0, resistance1435’0.

Cattle:  Oct.LC is 37 lower 145.47, up about 50 points for the week. Recent market rallies reflect lower feed costs.  However I believe feed prices are fully priced into both LC and FC. Support for ear term Oct. LC is 142.60. This market is currently in resistance.

Silver; Sept. Silver is 5 cents higher at 19.78, down 64 cents for the week .Resistance remains at 20.60. Support is 19.28.


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