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Financials:  As of this writing (7:00am) Sept. Bonds re 23 higher at 163’10 down 1’04 from last week. The 10 Year Note is up 6 overnight at 133’21 unchanged for the week. The 5 Year Note is up 2 at 123’29 down 5 ticks for the week. The yield curve widened slightly week over week with 2 year at 0.22% up 2 basis points, the 5 year at 0.77% up 3 points, the 10 year up 5 at 1.31 and the 30 year bond up 5 at 1.93%. CPI and PP! both were higher than expected showing inflation well beyond the Fed’s target of 2-21/2% and the Fed is still talking transitory (temporary). The Fed chair while testifying in front5 of Congressional Committee Q and A that tapering is still in conversational stage. I feel that all this is somewhat negative for treasuries. Support on Sept. Bonds remains in the 160’00 area. The market is currently in resistance.

Grains:  Dec. Corn is currently 4’0 lower at 554’6 up about 22 cents for the week. Nov. Beans are 1’0 lower at 1382’0 up 56 cents from a week ago Support remains at 517’0 and Resistance remains at 562’0 for Corn. Watch for the potential of a chart gap off 553’0-572’0 should the market hold above 562’0. Support on Nov. Beans is just under 1330’0 Resistance is 1392’0.

Cattle:  Yesterday Aug. LC closed 50 lower at 121.25, up[ 65 for the week. Aug. FC closed down 187 at 159.22 reflecting recent rise in feed grain prices, but managed to eke out a gain of 22 points for the week. Support for LCQ remains at 120.15 and Resistance at 124.10.

Silver:  Sept. Silver is currently 10 cents higher at 26.37. Support remains at 24.85 and Resistance is at 28.20.

S&P:  Sept S&P’s are 14.00 lower at 4354.00, up 60.0 for the week., and off 30.00 from contract highs. It’s earning season again which should raise volatility. Support is 4330.00. Resistance 4385.00.

Currencies:   The Sept. Euro is currently 18 lower at 1.1826, the Yen 3 lower at 0.9090, the Pound 9 higher at 1.3862 and the Dollar Index up 13 at 92.535.

The Yen is in Support and the Dollar Index is in Resistance.

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