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Financials: December Bonds are slightly higher at 176’9, 10 Year Notes unchanged at 139’14 and 5 Yr. Notes unchanged at 126’0. Yields are slightly higher on the long end of the curve. 2 Year unchanged at 0.14%, 5 Yr. up .02 at 0.26, 10 Yr. unchanged at 0.68 and the 30 Yr. Bond up .05 at 1.44%. I see little opportunity at this time and will move to the sidelines.

Grains: December Corn is up 2’2 at 567’2, November Beans up 6′ 0 at 683’0 and December Wheat up 1’4 at 549’6. These markets have entered overbought territory, stand aside.

Cattle:  Live and Feeder Cattle are slightly higher for the week. Thursday October LC closed at 104.75 and September FC at 139.17. We remain short Feeders.

Silver:  December Silver is 31 cents lower overnight at 26.99. Still too volatile to trade. Wait for a break below 24.00 to go long.

S&P:  September S&P are up about 24.00 and down about 230.00 for the week. I expect more downside correction preferring the sell side on rallies.

Currencies:  The Euro has rallied while the Pound has broken due to no Brexit deal, leaving the Dollar Index stable. I am looking to sell the D.I. Above 94.00.




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