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July Beans have consolidated 50 cents off their April lows as the excellent crop  condition of the recently planted crop has been offset by solid China demand! Today at 8am  a sale of 390,000 MT to China was announced & 10am inspections were 376,323 MT -last Thursday a sale of 720,000MT to China & Friday 120,000MT to unknown. Export sales last Thursday were a whopping 2,216,000MT (700 – 1.7)! The June WADSE report reflected US & Global stocks under expectations. The Macro mkts (DJI – Crude Oil – US dollar) have been in a holding pattern! There is no weather premium currently in the price structure. 


Corn is planted & 95% emerged (LY-74%, avg – 92).  The good/excellent rating dropped from 75% to 71%!  Much like beans, July Corn is range-trading about 20 cents off  its April lows!  The biggest pluses for the mkt are a still hefty short open interest & no weather premium!  And historically, of course, the mkt is hovering just over 10 year lows! Record stocks seem to be dialed in -so the “down” seems to be exhausted! 


Winter Wheat is 15% harvested (Ly-7  Avg-15) – Spr   Wheat is planted &  95% emerged (Ly – 92, Avg – 81) with a Gd/Ex -81%.  The weather is bearish & the stocks are sizable & there is nothing new in the Black Sea Region.  The July Wht contract will be a weak sister to corn & beans – however it is only 12 cents off its 2020 lows & is quite oversold with no weather premium -so sharp rallies could happen with any weather snafus! 


After a stellar $20 rally (81-102) in the Spring, Aug Cat has succumbed to slumping beef & cash prices, Covid resurgence fears & hefty production – forcing a 30% correction (102-95)! But that may be enough as a still stiff discount to cash & a resumption of consumer demand (as America reopens) – are underpinning the mkt!  


 A $16 decline (67-52) in July Hogs – precipitated by the re-opening of packing plants – may have run its course – as Pork Cumulative Export Sales for 2020 is the highest on record (China & Mexico) & slaughter weights have declined 4 consecutive weeks!  Plus the gradual re-opening of US restaurants should spike demand! 

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