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SOYBEANS –  Amidst all the saber-rattling in the past 2 months including the Covid blame-game & the Hong Kong unrest, the Phase One Deal remains in tact China is buying beans & July Beans are currently on 3 wk high even with planting pressure from a nicely developing crop. Adding support are the macro mkts – the DJI, off  surprisingly good economic #’s is up over 900 points – crude oil is up $2.00 & the US Dollar is some 800 points off its March Highs.
 CORN –  On the heals of the bean rally, July Corn has traded to the top of its 6-week range (310-330)! Corn is dealing  with formidable headwinds including a new crop almost completely planted & looking good and massive stocks – however, both of  these are getting dialed in! Currency inversion has helped exports with a lower dollar & higher Real! Finally
stronger crude oil has helped ethanol demand.
WHEAT – With rising Russian Wht values and dryness in the Black Sea Region & also the US Central Plains, July Wht  has maintained a mild uptrend -also Egypt bought Ukraine Wht – a good export sign!
CATTLE – After a $20 rally since Mid-April (81-102), Aug Cat has settled into a congestion
area (96-102).  The closing of packing plants  caused a spike in prices & their opening capped the rally – the re-opening of the economy will generally help meat demand.
HOGS – July Hogs have lost $12 (66-54) since early May – mostly due to plants re-opening (more supply) & geopolitical issues with US/China – reducing exports! However, the re-opening of the economy promises increased Pork demand soon!
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