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T’Was the last energy report for Christmas, as impeachment went through the house, not for crimes or misdemeanors but because they say Trump is a louse. The articles of impeachment were crafted with care, yet there was no quid pro quo or bribery there. Independent voters felt that they were misled, it was not anything like Congressman Adam Schiff said. Pelosi wore her kerchief, and was all dressed in black and Jerry Nadler just awoke after taking a nap. When out on the floor there arose such a clatter, it was time to vote on the heart of the matter. 

The Democrats all voted yes in a flash and even if they wanted to vote no, they would face a backlash. New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew said he had to go and become a Republican so he could vote no. While Adam Schiff says the evidence is clear, is this really the best they could do after trying to impeach for years? If it goes to the Senate it will be over quite quick. In fact the thought of that is now making Democrats sick.

For Hilary’s loss they need someone to blame. It could be the Russians, or it could be the Ukraine. Could Be Comey. Putin or Nixon or maybe misogynist or deplorable or even perhaps there’s a fix in. There has to be an explanation for Clinton’s downfall. So let’s rip up the Constitution to bring about Trumps big downfall.

For FISA warrants they had to apply with doctored documents by the FBI. The want to overrule voters because of their worldview so they can’t wait around for Judicial review. So say Trump is a Russian stooges, despite the fact there is no iota of proof. Peter Strzok says he can turn the election around, an insurance policy against Trump can be found. Andy McCabe  was into it from his head to his foot, now his reputation is all tarnished with ashes and soot. He was fired for lying and tried to get his job back. Yet as more evidence comes out, he deserved to be sacked.

Despite the assault, Trump remains Merry. His opponents look weak and to most voters scary. Without any proof of a quid pro quo, Trump and his campaign rake in the dough. For Democrats its like a kick in the teeth. They swear that somehow Trump is a thief. To justify they read Machiavelli, the ends justify the means even if it gets a bit smelly. Trump is so greedy and full of himself, so they need to knock him off his perch in spite of themselves. Yet power and lust went to their heads and now it is the investigators they now have something to dread.

Yet while the Dems said that Trump was a jerk, he created a record high stock market and plenty of work. It was failed government policies he dared to expose. It caused Washington insiders’ heads to explode. The stocks fly to the sky like a ballistic missile so expect in the Senate a quick dismissal. So as impeachment soon falls out of sight, you can all have a Merry Christmas and to all a good night.
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