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Sorry friends this will be a short report today. No bombs were dropped but more sanctions are coming to Iran today and the market is rolling. With Free commerce in jeopardy we will not tolerate it.

After July options expired on Grains we see a new cycle and coming to the realization this crops is a complete failure to what we have grown accustomed to in recent decades. And it will show up in cash prices.

We will see a market we have not seen in many moons and with Ethanol and Natural Gas in our future we must also see the opportunity for beef and pork exports which we will get an education on it very shortly. We have also seen demand not what it could be in the beef & pork mainly due to weather and lack of barbeques. The G20 summit will be huge if the U.S. and China get on the same page of trade talks that will make this market go. We all of the commodities on the line and shortages we are not used to this makes us perfect trading partners.

Free Markets for Free Men!

Have a Great Trading Day!
Dan Flynn


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