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After $1.00 rally in only 3 weeks time off a historically slow planting pace, the Mkt got ahead of itself and has corrected about 40% (895-850).  Feeding the correction were Concerns about the Mexican tariffs (since resolved)  & the expected acreage switch from corn To beans.  Hope still exists for a US/China accord as both  are attending the G-20 later in June.


  1. EXPORTS – Today’s Mon Inspections were 850,000 (500-900) & Thur’s sales were a disappointing 583,000 (200-500)
  2. HARVEST PROGRESS – Beans are 60% in (lw-39 avg -88) 34%  emerged (avg Ill –  49(91)   Ind – 42(89)   Iowa – 70(95) )   Ohio – 32(89)
  3. JUNE USDA SUPPLY & DEMAND – 6/11/19  Production –  4.092  (ly-4544) Yield 48.7    (ly – 51.6)
  4. MEXICAN TARIFFS – President Trump claims to have forged a deal with Mexico – eliminating the need for any tariffs
  5. US/CHINA – Will have an opportunity to restart talks at the G-20 in Japan Later this month

Beans are off to a rough start – & a down production year could go a long way in reducing its record carry-over!!




Much like July Beans, July Corn, after a meteoric $1.00 upsurge -which left three upside gaps in its wake – became overbought, dialed in a lot of the planting delays & had to deal with Mexican tariffs – all at once!! The result was a 30 cent correction – allowing the mkt to consolidate & digest the news of the slowest planting pace ever!  The trade front became a little brighter as a US/Mexico deal was forged & US/China talks may resume at The G-20 meeting in Japan!  Meanwhile, despite the sharp rally, corn is still relatively cheap with an entire growing season ahead of it – early production estimates are down 1-2 BB!


  1. EXPORTS – Mon inspections were 850,000 (500-900) & Thur sales were 14 (500-800)
  2. HARVEST PROGRESS – Corn is 83% in (lw-67, avg-99) 62% emerged (avg-93) Ill- 73 (100)    Ind – 67 (98)   Iowa – 93 (100)  Ohio -50 (96) The initial crop rating (good/excellent) was 59% – the 2nd lowest in history for the first rating
  3. JUNE 11 USDA CROP REPORT – Production – 13,903 (ly- 14,420) Yield 170.3    (ly-176)
  4. TRADE ISSUES -Mexican tariffs are gone & US/China talks may resume soon – as THE DONALD may have finally realized that no one wins a trade war!

As the mkt consolidates after its vertical $1.00 3-wk move, admittedly the mkt action hasn’t been too spiffy – certainly not befitting its bullish fundamentals! And of course THE MKT IS ALWAYS RIGHT!  But we feel it’s way too early to write an obit on the corn mkt – given all the acres lost, the yield drag and the relatively low price – historically! And especially with the entire growing season to go!!




July Wht is certainly effected by a plethora of factors including global factors such as Russian & Canadian crop issues, the historical planting delays this Spring & the condition of the Winter wheat crop as it comes out of dormancy.  But today’s surge can be directly attributed to today’s USDA June Supply & Demand Report that knocked 1.4 BB off the total corn production & 10 bu/a off the corn yield – as a rising tide floats all boats!!




There’s an old commodity axiom – IT LOOKED SO BAD IT WAS GOOD! And I think this was the case with Aug Cat the last two weeks! After nearly a $20 break & reaching a severe discount to cash, the mkt came face-to-face with Spring barbecue demand – the best “D” of the year – and with the weather finally cooperating, Aug Cat have finally turned the corner -posting a “spike low” on 5/31/19  & gathering upside momentum since then with a $4.50 rally!



What’s wrong with this picture?  Trump reaches a deal with Mexico – eliminating the tariff possibility & Aug Cat rallies $4.50 – but July Hogs can’t move off the dime! And that’s not even mentioning the advent of the barbecue season – as brauts & pork chops start appearing on grills around the country!  The culprit may well be heavy hog weights still adding to the short-term supply!  But the lows have to be close at hand!!




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