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In a week where the second round of US/China trade talks went well & South American weather remains problematical, Mar Beans still lost ground – down a dime!  Once

Again BUY THE RUMOR – SELL THE FACT became an issue as the mkt reasoned that the original 5MMT goal of Chinese buying was met –the govt hiatus further muddied the water!


  • EXPORTS – Mon Inspections were 673,000 (500-850) & various reports had

China reaching their 5MMT goal set out in early talks

  • USDA 1-11-19 SUPPLY & DEMAND REPORT – didn’t happen due to the gov’t

Shutdown but the following were average estimates

Yield –                          51.7  (52.1)

US Ending Stocks –    922 mb (965)

Global                         113.4 mp (115.3)

Qtly Stocks                 3.743 bb  (3.161)

  • TRADE PROGRESS – was significant but you wouldn’t know by looking at the mkts – which had a down week! However, the mkt had already built that in to its price last week –and the good news reported didn’t

exceed expectations so a pull back was in order – at the end of January, China is coming to Washington DC for a third round of talks!

  • SOUTH AMERICA – continues to be hot & dry in Brazil & too wet in Argentina. Some estimates have Brazil Beans at 115 MMT (early est – 125) – the top end is definitely off the crop
  • GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN – has traders & analysts flying blind with no monthly report Friday, no export sales on Thur & no 8am  daily flash sales – the volume is down and there is more back-and-forth chop due to the mkt uncertainty
  • OUTSIDE MKTS – Hope is the operative word as it appears the US Dollar has topped out – reaching 10-week lows on Thur – while Crude Oil has rallied 25% since late December – of course, a cheaper dollar enhances exports & a higher crude is beneficial to ethanol demand
  • SPEC MONEY – has to be taking a serious look at owning historically cheap grains versus record high stocks!

No one thought that a resolution of our US/China tariffs would be an “easy road” and indeed it hasn’t been!  But we’re a lot farther along than a few months ago when “nothing was happening”! A key point to keep in mind is that both the US & China’s economies are scuffling now & the tariffs are one big reason for that!  So an ultimate solution is mutually beneficial – and will happen! That coupled with S/A weather issues & supportive macro mkts will infuse an upward bias into the grain complex!



Since late Nov, Mar Corn has been caught in a 20 cent range (368-388) with the prevailing fundamentals contributing to its ebb-and-flow within the range!  Those include the ongoing US/China trade talks, S/A weather woes, the gov’t shutdown, index fund rebalancing & promising outside mkts!  When all the smoke clears, the export potential of US Corn – as the cheapest anywhere in the world – promises to attract substantial purchases from Mexico & China!  Its domestic & global stocks aren’t nearly as burdensome as are beans – so any reduction of these stocks due to robust exports and/or weather issues in S/A is key.


Mar wht was the star of the grain complex this week posting a small gain while Mar Corn & Mar Beans lost ground.  The reason was very simple – US Wheat is very cheap on the world mkt – a whopping $1.50/bu cheaper than its Black Sea Equivalent!  This accounted for Algeria’s purchase of US Wheat – also Egypt’s tender for all-Egyptian wht was positive for the mkt! Also, certainly a trade deal with China will certainly have residual benefits for wht! But mostly, our trading partners are looking for the best price – and mostly we have it! Hey, who doesn’t like a deal!!


Last week’s “key reversal down” was very convincing & had producers & analysts alike pretty convinced that a short-term top had been scored – that is – until Mon & Tues of this week when Feb Cat rocketed back up $4.00 in just 2 days – regaining last weeks loss in just half the time!! This speaks to a couple of solid fundamentals that are underpinning the mkt – first unwavering demand – even in the face of adequate supplies & second – an impending winter storm spreading across the Midwest – promising some death loss & lower weight gains!  It all adds up to an impressive $3.00 weekly gain!!


Trading Feb Hogs is a very daunting task – like waiting “for the other shoe to drop”! Long term, how can you not like the upside –what with the Asian Swine Fever & an elimination of tariffs on pork pending a trade resolution – both “shouting out” robust exports!  Yet, the issue is WHEN WILL THEY KICK IN!  So far the answer is NOT YET – as evidenced by this week’s anemic performance by Feb Hogs scratching out a 65 cent gain while Feb Cat powered to a $3.00 advance!  But we wouldn’t bet against the potential “explosive bullishness” that might come out of the ASF epidemic in China & elsewhere!!


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