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DJ CBOT Delivery Intentions: Totals – May 2
Source: CME Group
Contract Quantity Next Trade
Commodity Month Delivery Day Assigned Today Date Available
SOYBEAN MEAL May. 03, 2018 70 Apr 10, 2018
SOYBEAN OIL May. 03, 2018 17 Apr 26, 2018
ROUGH RICE May. 03, 2018 2 May 01, 2018
CORN May. 03, 2018 569 Apr 27, 2018
KC HRW WHEAT May. 03, 2018 256 Apr 27, 2018
OATS May. 03, 2018 20 May 01, 2018
SOYBEAN May. 03, 2018 146 Apr 25, 2018

General Comments Wheat markets were higher on continued forecasts for dry weather in the Great Plains. The rains in the Great Plains are still hard to find, and the Kansas Wheat Tour is finding very poor crops and conditions as it moves through the state this week. Warmer and drier weather is expected for the Midwest to help speed crop development. Warmer weather should also move out of the northern Great Plains and Canadian Prairies to allow for some fieldwork to start in Spring Wheat areas. USDA showed that fieldwork is much behind normal this week. Progress in planting Spring Wheat should increase with the warmer weather for the next week. Demand remains the big problem for Wheat traders. The weekly export sales report was improved, but cumulative sales and shipments remain behind the pace needed to make USDA targets. The competition from eastern Europe and the Black Sea area remains very tough, but might start to fade as there are reports of very dry conditions in both Ukraine and Russia.
Overnight News: The southern Great Plains should get mostly dry weather, but some showers and storms are possible today. Temperatures should be below normal. Northern areas should see precipitation early in the week. Temperatures should be above normal. The Canadian Prairies should see mostly dry weather or some light precipitation. Temperatures should average mostly above normal.
Chart Analysis: Trends in Chicago are up with objectives of 520 July. Support is at 501, 499, and 494 July, with resistance at 515, 524, and 532 July. Trends in Kansas City are mixed to up with objectives of 555 July. Support is at 531, 526, and 520 July, with resistance at 543, 548, and 550 July. Trends in Minneapolis are mixed to up with objectives of 630 and 650 July. Support is at 610, 600, and 593 July, and resistance is at 621, 627, and 631 July.

General Comments: Rice was lower as farmers showed good planting progress. USDA showed that Rice is now more than half planted in the US. Areas near the Gulf Coast are almost done planting, but areas in the Mid South have had slower planting conditions due to rains and cold weather. Trends are mixed for the short-term, but still up on the weekly charts. The weekly charts are bullish and imply that further gains are likely in coming weeks. Futures have held above major support levels at 1250 on the weekly charts. Warmer and drier weather is forecast for much of this week, and there is a chance for significant planting progress to be made. Ideas are that little old crop Rice is available in the cash market, and the situation is not likely to improve before the new crop becomes available late this Summer as farmers are mostly sold out.
Overnight News: The Delta should get drier weather early this week and scattered showers over the second half of the week. Temperatures should be above normal.
Chart Analysis: Trends are mixed. Support is at 1297, 1293, and 1281 July, with resistance at 1313, 1320, and 1328 July.

General Comments: Corn closed higher as traders worried about planting progress and reacted to news of increasing crop stress to the Winter Corn crop in Brazil. The crops there need rain in the short-term in order to fill kernels and reach maturity in good shape, but forecasts call for mostly dry and increasingly hot conditions in the main growing areas. The potential for losses is increasing and comes at the back of significant Corn production losses in Argentina earlier this year. Planting progress in the US has been slow, but should get a little faster this week with warmer temperatures. However, there will be some rain around starting at the middle of the week to slow the planing progress once again. The strength in Crude Oil is thought to be driving demand for Corn for Ethanol to higher levels. Strong domestic and export demand ideas remain the best support for futures, but traders are much more interested now than before in the crop conditions here and in Brazil.
Chart Analysis: Trends in Corn are up with objectives of 413 and 436 July. Support is at 399, 396, and 393 July, and resistance is at 406, 409, and 412 July. Trends in Oats are mixed to down with objectives of 220 and 203 July. Support is at 233, 230, and 225 July, and resistance is at 240, 244, and 247 July.

General Comments: Soybeans were higher again. Soybean Oil was lower. Soybeans rallied on news that a cargo ship had hit a dock in one of the Rosario ports in Argentina last week and that this particular dock would need repairs. The news created some buying, but there are still supplies available to the market. US producers are planting, but could have sold some additional supplies on the rally. Brazil is about done harvesting and has used rallies to get new sales on the books. Demand has been an issue with traders as the tariff threats with China remain alive, but there are now hopes that the issues with China can be resolved before any punitive tariffs are enacted. There are very high level meetings scheduled between the two sides this week. The trade also hopes for a peaceful solution to the NAFTA talks to keep Mexican and Canadian demand alive. China still prefers Brazilian Soybeans due to the tariff threats and as the new crop Brazil harvest is now available, and the US stands to lose demand in coming weeks from that buyer and maybe others as Brazil expands market share. USDA showed almost no planting progress in its reports, but progress is increasing now.
Overnight News:
Chart Analysis: Trends in Soybeans are mixed to up with objectives of 1082 July. Support is at 1045, 1038, and 1031 July, and resistance is at 1064, 1067, and 1074 July. Trends in Soybean Meal are mixed to up with objectives of 423.00 July. Support is at 391.00, 387.00, and 384.00 July, and resistance is at 397.00, 400.00, and 403.00 July. Trends in Soybean Oil are down with objectives of 3000 and 2860 July. Support is at 3060, 3030, and 3000 July, with resistance at 3100, 3120, and 3140 July.

General Comments: Canola was lower. The Canadian Dollar moved higher against the US Dollar and provided the best reason to sell Canola, and most of the selling was seen in the old crop months. New crop months have held firm amid lower than expected planted area estimates and unfavorable planting weather until now. Cold weather in the Prairies is increasingly important to the market and has made initial fieldwork impossible. Somewhat warmer and drier weather is possible this week. Charts show that trends are up. Farmers are selling in moderate amounts. Palm Oil was slightly higher. The market thinks it has plenty of Palm Oil for any demand. China reported solid Palm Oil imports for February in data released overnight. Production is seasonally lowered to help ending stocks ideas. The market tested support and the support held for now.
Overnight News:
Chart Analysis: Trends in Canola are mixed. Support is at 530.00, 529`.00, and 527.00 July, with resistance at 535.00, 537.00, and 539.00Julay. Trends in Palm Oil are mixed. Support is at 2350, 2320, and 2290 July, with resistance at 2390, 2430, and 2460 July.

Midwest Weather Forecast: Chances for more precipitation later this week from west to east, Temperatures mostly above normal.

US Gulf Cash Basis
Corn HRW SRW Soybeans Soybean Meal Soybean Oil
May 56 May 155 July 50 May 51 May 30-Jul
June 49 July 52 July 45 July
July 40 July 52 July 52 July
All basis levels are positive unless noted as negative

Brazil Premiums Soybeans Soybean Meal Soybean Oil Corn
Paraguay Paraguay Paraguay Paraguay
May July
June 113 July plus 11 July 87 September August
July 123 July plus 10 July 87 September
All basis levels are positive unless noted as negative

DJ ICE Canada Cash Grain Close – Apr 30
Winnipeg–The following are the
closing cash grain prices from ICE Futures Canada.
Values are based on the commodity being delivered at
Thunder Bay, Ontario, unless otherwise noted. Source: ICE
Futures Canada
Price Change
*Par Region 520.40 up 0.10
Basis: Thunder Bay
1 Can 547.30 dn 0.10
2 Can 534.30 dn 0.10
Basis: Vancouver
1 Can 575.30 dn 0.10
2 Can 562.30 dn 0.10
All prices in Canadian dollars per metric ton.
*Quote for previous day
Source: Commodity News Service Canada (cnscanada@shaw.ca, or 204-414-

DJ Malaysian PM Cash Market Prices for Palm Oil – April 30
The following are prices for Malaysian palm oil in the cash market at 1000 GMT Monday, supplied by commodity broker Matthes & Porton Bhd.
Prices are quoted in U.S. dollars a metric ton, except for crude palm oil and palm kernel oil, which are in ringgit a ton. Palm kernel oil prices are in ringgit a pikul, a Malaysian measurement equivalent to 60 kilograms.
Refined, bleached and deodorized palm oil, FOB, Malaysian ports
Offer Change Bid Change Traded
May 635.00 -05.00 Unquoted – –
Jun 635.00 -05.00 Unquoted – –
Jul/Aug/Sep 635.00 -05.00 Unquoted – –
Oct/Nov/Dec 632.50 -05.00 Unquoted – –
RBD palm olein, FOB, Malaysian ports
May 635.00 -05.00 Unquoted – –
Jun 635.00 -05.00 Unquoted – –
Jul/Aug/Sep 635.00 -05.00 Unquoted – –
Oct/Nov/Dec 632.50 -05.00 Unquoted – –
RBD palm stearin, FOB, Malaysian ports
Offer Change Bid Change Traded
May 630.00 -05.00 Unquoted – –
Palm Fatty Acid Distillate, FOB Malaysian ports
Offer Change Bid Change Traded
May 522.50 -10.00 Unquoted – –
Crude palm oil, Delivered Basis, South Malaysia
Offer Change Bid Change Traded
May 2,370 -30.00 Unquoted – –
Palm kernel oil, Delivered Basis, South Malaysia
Offer Change Bid Change Traded
May 228 -04.00 Unquoted – –
($1=MYR 3.9185)

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