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General Comments: Near the end of June this year, Peter Schiff wrote a blog titled “The Bond Trap”. A story the Financial Times prompted his blog, stating that “some Fed officials would like to require retail owners of bond mutual funds to pay an exit fee to liquidate their positions. Federal Reserve Governor Jeremy Stein [...]

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Perfect Storm. DRY HEAT Report 6/30/14

On June 30, 2014 - 8:59 AM By

Hogs: On Friday the Quarterly Hogs & Pigs report was released. All hogs and pigs inventory, as of 6/1/14, was 62.1 million head, down 5% from 6/1/13 and down 1% from 3/1/14. The breeding inventory was 5.85 million head and down little from last year, but up a little from the previous quarter. Market hog [...]

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Spring Fever [Dry Heat] 3/24/14

On March 24, 2014 - 9:05 AM By

DRY HEAT ______________________________________________________ 3/22/13 General Comments: I was wondering what the economic effects will be when the Midwest and East coast finally thaw out? A number of friends from Chicago and other cold climes have been in Phoenix this season and if their behavior is any indication, there will be a lot of happy people [...]

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Monday, Monday [Dry Heat]

On March 17, 2014 - 8:52 AM By

DRY HEAT Timothy Hughes ______________________________________________________ 3/16/14 General Comment On Friday I wasn’t able to write my market letter and this weekend a verse of the Mamas & Papas song, Monday Monday, kept running through my head. “Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day….”. An article in the Financial Times told of Russian companies pulling billions [...]

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Globalization in danger [Dry Heat]

On March 3, 2014 - 9:22 AM By

3/2/14 General Comment Ukraine has mobilized for war today (Sunday) after Russian seizure of Crimea and the approval by the Russian parliament for Putin to use force in Ukraine. Could this be the beginning of the end of globalization? After all, China has formed economic alliances with Russia and if an economic war were to [...]

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Central Bank Spat

On February 10, 2014 - 9:00 AM By

DRY HEAT Timothy Hughes ______________________________________________________ 2/7/14 General Comment Do you remember in 2012 when the Bundesbank asked to visit the U.S. Federal Reserve vault in New York to see their 1,536 tons of gold? The Federal Reserve told them no, so Germany said they wanted 300 tons of their gold back. The Fed said [...]

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Death Valley Days

On January 27, 2014 - 9:00 AM By

DRY HEAT Timothy Hughes ______________________________________________________ 1/24/14 General Comment I read an article yesterday on that puts a subject I was going to cover into perspective so well, that I decided to just reprint it here; The biggest drought in California’s recorded history. U.S. Cattle Herd Is At A 61 Year Low And Organic [...]

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