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Morning Grains 2/12/16

On February 12, 2016 - 9:50 AM By

General Comments: Futures closed lower again, with the weakness seen especially in the nearby months. The USDA export sales report showed weak demand once again, and the turmoil in world economic markets probably created even more selling interest. It was a weak close for a market that is already at weak price levels. […]

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Morning Softs 2/12/16

On February 12, 2016 - 9:35 AM By

General Comments: Cotton closed lower in reaction to the weakness seen in many major economic markets. Fears of weaker demand and global economic turmoil trumped the relatively strong export sales report. The demand side of the market was quiet yesterday as many Asians were on holiday for the Lunar New Year. China and […]

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European stocks rallied which was a positive sign to the global slump and the spillover is contagious and being felt in our markets this morning. Another sign of cooler heads will prevail was the United Arab Emirates energy minister was quoted that OPEC counties were ready to cooperate in production cuts. This is a key […]

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No matter what, we won’t back down. Well on second thought, maybe we will back down. It’s not what is being proposed but it is who is doing the proposing. After a late break in oil that drove it to the lowest level since 2003, we rebounded on an OPEC production cut story. Dow Jones […]

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Morning Grains 2/11/16

On February 11, 2016 - 12:34 PM By

DJ U.S. Export Sales: Weekly Sales Totals – Feb 11
For the week ended Feb 4, in thousand metric tons, except cotton in thousand running bales. Net changes in commitments are gross sales, less cancellations, buy-backs and other downward adjustments. Total commitments are total export shipments plus total sales.
The marketing year for […]

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Morning Softs 2/11/16

On February 11, 2016 - 9:53 AM By

General Comments: Cotton closed mixed, with traders noted Rolling positions out of March before First Notice Day. Some suggest that the plunge scene Tuesday in reaction to the USDA reports might be the start of a bottom, and this is possible as futures are now near the low end of the long term […]

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China’s bank losses may top 400% of the Subprime Crisis according to Kyle Bass, the hedge fund manager who successfully bet against mortgages during the last subprime crisis, he went on to say China’s banking may see losses of four times those suffered by U.S. banks during the last crisis. Story by Katia Porzecanski Bloomberg […]

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Stressed Out. The Energy Report 2/11/16

On February 11, 2016 - 8:27 AM By

Global market stress is boiling over after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen failed to assure markets that everything is going to be ok. With her pronouncement that the Fed could actually lower interest rates and uncertainty about banking stocks earning misses and oil company bankruptcies fear is in the market. The risk bank kin Sweden cut […]

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Financials: Mar. Bonds are currently 3’00 higher at 170’04, 10 Yr. Notes 1’08 higher at 132’24 and 5 Yr. Notes 24 higher at 122’11. Treasuries continue to rally in a flight to safety as rates tumble with the 30 Yr. Bond now yielding below 2.5 at 2.43%. We are unfortunately short June 2017 eurodollars and […]

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Morning Grains 2/10/16

On February 10, 2016 - 10:24 AM By

DJ USDA Report: Summary for U.S. Agriculture Supply, Demand
Following are key numbers from the USDA’s crop report Tuesday and
how the government’s estimates compared to analysts’ forecasts in a
Wall Street Journal survey.
U.S. Stockpiles (million bushels)
2015-16 Estimate Average Range USDA January USDA 2014-15
Corn […]

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Morning Softs 2/10/16

On February 10, 2016 - 10:19 AM By

General Comments: Cotton closed lower in reaction to the Sharp increase in ending stocks estimates from USDA. It noted weak export demand, particularly from China, as the reason to increase the ending stocks estimates. The demand side of the market was quiet yesterday as many Asians were on holiday for the Lunar New […]

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Today Janet Yellen should paint a picture to investors on where the FED will stand on future rate hikes. Investors are hoping for a more dovish outlook so we can temporarily drink the punch as a hawkish outlook and taking our medicine all at once could really plunge the global markets.  In the overnight electronic […]

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