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May Beans surrendered 50% of their “POST TARIFF” rally (985-1063) as a very cold April has moderated – promising planting progress soon & resulting in the expected “seasonal pressure”.  A strong dollar, a lack of 8am export business & continuing trade jitters also contributed to the down!


  • EXPORTS – Thur sales were a solid 1,040 MMT (500-800) – Mon Inspections Were 494, 907 MT (LW – 381,191)

Pltg Progress –  2%  (ly – 5, avg – 2)

Ill –  0 (1)        Ind – 0 (1)     Ia – 0 (0)

  • ONGOING TRADE CONCERNS – were renewed by news that China would move ahead with tariffs on US sorghum imports
  • SOUTH AMERICA – production is down 15-30% but the news is very old & undoubtedly dialed in!
  • US DOLLAR – has had a sharp rise in the past 5 trading days – which has certainly been detrimental to US Exports

Move over SOUTH AMERICA!  Step to the head of the class – US PLANTING! The all-important US planting & growing season is dead ahead and will be the dominant fundamental going forward – with secondary roles played by exports, the US Dollar & Trade war jitters!  La Nina induced dryness- like we witnessed in South America & the US Great Plains would inject a huge bullish WILDCARD into the mix!!


May Corn has basically been range-bound since early March (370-394) – Round-tripping the upper & lower limits several times in the past 6 weeks!  Solid exports & less acres have done battle with trade war jitters – keeping the mkt pretty well under wraps! However, should pltg delays extend past Mid-May, there could be some corn-to-beans switching!


  • EXPORTS – Thur sales were 1,203 MMT (700-1200) – Mon Inspections were 1,719,025 MMT (1,576,113)

Pltg Progress –    5%  (Ly – 15, Avg – 14)

Ill – 4 (20)     Ind – 1 (5)      Ia – 0  (11)

  • WHEN ARE PLTG DELAYS REALLY PLTG DELAYS – this year’s planting season is definitely off to a slow start due to an unseasonably cold April!  But until May 15, we don’t see major switching and most producers need only about a week and one-half window to plant – given modern technology & the formidable “work ethic” of the US Producer
  • SOLID SUPPLY/DEMAND FUNDAMENTALS – although the mkt is feeling pltg

Pressure now, it’s hard to argue with the S/D – going forward

a) 2 million less acres

b) Corn-to-bean switch should pltg delays extend to Mid-May

c) Robust Exports

d) 10 year lows

e)  Impressive staying power thru the tariff talk a little bit of “dry” will put a “4” in front of that corn price!


The vagaries of a “pure weather mkt” have been epitomized by the May Wht contract since Mar 1 – up to 520, down to 440, up to 495 & down to 460 – all off changing rain forecasts

  • The crop ratings overall specifically in KS, Ok & Tx are still abysmal
  • The upcoming Wheat Quality Tour should corroborate that
  • Because US Wht is not competitive on the world mkt, exports
  • Remain mediocre at best
  • Spring Wht Pltg is 3% complete (2-avg)

Global carry-out remains high as we haven’t had the exports to whittle it down – like we have in corn


For the 2nd consecutive week, June Cat stayed in a tight range (101-106) as its sizeable discount to cash is being offset by large production – keeping the mkt sideways

  • June cattle is a whopping $15 under the cash – when normally, it’s 5-6 – very supportive
  • Beef production is supposed to jump 10.2 % in the 2nd Qtr – adding to supply woes
  • The 4/20  Cattle-on-Feed came in neutral but, significantly, placements were 90.7% – the first time they’ve been well under 2017 in 4-6 mo
  • Springtime barbeque demand will soon be kicking in there’s enough on both sides to keep June Cat range-bound


Just the opposite of June Cat, June Hogs are riding a prodigious $25 premium to cash (avg-$7.50).  So one can argue much of the “Spring Demand Rally” is priced in.  And with sluggish export demand, the premium might be too wide!  This might help to explain yesterday’s “gap-lower” down-day – despite Jun Cattle’s $2.00 rally!  The good news is simply already factored in!!

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