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In the past 6 trading days, Mar Beans have exploded for a 60 cent gain (low to high)

Making new contract highs along the way! The main catalyst has been Argentina weather –

Too dry & too hot – which has steadily ratcheted down the crop estimate of Argentine Beans.

This sudden upside move is all the more impressive – in light of very lackluster exports!


1) EXPORTS – Tues Inspections were 960,000 MT (750-1.100) –Thur sales
Were 837,000 MT (450-750)
Feb 16 Bean Oil 28,000 S. Korea
Feb 12 Beans 198,000 Unk
Feb 5 116,000 Unk
Feb 2 Beans 108,860 Beans
2) USDA FEB 8 REPORT – this report was the first “tip off” that Beans
Were sold out & ripe for a turn-around- US Stockpiles come in at
530 MB (Est -492) but the mkt was able to slough off this unfriendly #
And close higher!
3) SOUTH AMERICA – for sure Argentina has been the culprit with dry conditions extending to as much as 50% of the growing area – Brazil on the other hand
Has received plenty of moisture – but the “net effect” is still projected to be
A 13-15 MMT deficit over 2017!
4) OUTSIDE MKTS – are on our side for a change – the US Dollar is on a 3 year low
Crude has rallied as much as 50 % since Mid-June – both good for export demand & suggesting a little inflation is creeping in!
5) LACKLUSTER EXPORTS – week after week, they’ve been below last years pace – but with the deterioration of the Argentine crop, they should improve
6) MEAL IS THE UPSIDE LEADER – this is always a good sign for any up-move
in the grain complex

The Bean mkt is getting a lot of traction out of a “little bit of good news in

Argentina” – it’s dry there but by no means is it a full-blown drought! This bodes well for the

Bean complex with La Nina lurking ahead of the all-important US planting & growing season!

The “800 pound gorilla in the room”  is clearly the Argentine weather woes &

Its  crop-reducing impact on the Argentine Bean Crop.  March Beans & March Meal responded

In kind – both scoring new contract highs.  And Mar Corn trailed along as the weak sister –

Gaining only 2 ½ cents! However, to its credit, it has gained 24 cents since Mid-Jan – due in

Large part to corn’s price as the cheapest on the world mkt – accounting for its very robust

Exports- week after week!


  • EXPORTS – Tues Inspections were 938,000 (800-1000) mt & Thur sales

Were a whopping 2.071 mmt (  1.0 – 1.5)

Feb 16               116,000 mt               Japan

Feb 14               123,000 mt               Unk

Feb 6                  120,000 mt              Japan

Feb 6                  105,000 mt              Unk

Feb 5                  130,000 mt              S Korea

Feb 2                  195,000 mt              Unk

Feb 2                   170,000 mt             Egypt

  • FEB 8 USDA REPORT – all estimates were lower than expected –

US & GLOBAL STOCKS  and BRAZIL & ARG CROPS – reflecting great export

Demand & S/A weather issues

  • US $ & CRUDE – of course a lower US Dollar is very beneficial to our exports –

Which has been validated every week – and a higher crude is good for ethanol

Demand & suggests inflation

  • LA NINA – this is not a MYTH – its real – from the dryness in Argentina to the

Dryness in our Winter Wheat Belt – it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to

Appreciate its impact on our 10 year low prices – should it rear its

Ugly head during planting & growing season

They say “a rising tide floats all boats” & that was certainly the case this past

Week as Bean’s 40 cent rally lifted corn – but corn is no slouch with 10 year low prices

& solid exports!

Mar Wht has had an impressive 55 cent run since Mid-Jan (412 – 467) – but

Has recently showed signs of stalling out –especially after today’s actions –  which had

REVERSAL written all over it!  After coming within 4 cents of last week’s high, Mar Wht

Had a sweeping turn-around –breaking inter-day 13 cents & closing under last week’s lows!

The mkt has been feeding off

  • Drought like conditions in Kansas & Oklahoma – the key WW states
  • Strong rallies in Beans & corn
  • A competitive price in the world mkt & a cheap $$ – leading to

Respectable exports

Feb Cat is “between a rock and a hard place” with burgeoning supplies

Being offset by robust!  It’s been a real head-scratcher – but maybe today’s action will

Add clarity – with the mkt currently down $2.40!  The $13 run since early Jan (117-130)

Has been impressive

  • 1st Qtr beef Production is expected to be 4.3% above last year –

2nd Qtr beef production is forecast up 12% over 2017

  • The consumer confidence is at a multi-year high
  • With big supply ahead, April Cattle seems unwilling to build a premium to cash

With Feb Hogs losing $1.50 last week (74.75 – 73.25), while Feb Cat

Gained almost $4.00, the hog mkt may be telling us – it has topped out – finally succumbing

To burdensome supplies!  The surging stock mkt & the stiff discount of April Hogs to cash

Suggested more up – but it may not happen!


Bill Moore

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