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Morning Grains Report 01/19/18

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DJ U.S. Export Sales: Weekly Sales Totals – Jan 19
For the week ended Jan 11, in thousand metric tons, except cotton in
thousand running bales. Net changes in commitments are gross sales,
less cancellations, buy-backs and other downward adjustments. Total
commitments are total export shipments plus total sales.
The […]

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Morning Softs Report 01/19/18

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General Comments: Cotton was higher as the buyers appeared once again to cover short cash market positions. Trends remain up and the tone of the market remains positive. Current buying is reflecting the fact that merchants need to buy futures to cover on call positions Rather than the overall fundamentals presented in the […]

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As the economy is rolling along after 1 year of action taken cutting Federal regulations and Tax cuts booming employment the politicians still don’t get it. These deceivers who were voted in to defend the Stars & Stripes are putting non-U.S. citizens above U.S. citizens and the most appalling part our military.  It is plain […]

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Explosive. The Energy Report 01/19/18

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The International Energy Agency came out with an “explosive” report talking about “explosive” production growth as the United States will become the undisputed leader in global oil production. Take that Saudi Arabia and Russia! The agency that is known by traders as the agency that has way under estimated, is now proclaiming the U.S. as the […]

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