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We’re definitely right in the middle of a weather mkt with the attendant Volatility –  Tues’s action was a prime example – with the mkt opening 25 higher Tues nite – but settling almost 20 lower!  The opening was prompted by a larger than expected dip in the crop ratings but was neutralized by a cooler, wetter weather forecast!  Still, given that Beans are an August crop, it’s way too early to put them away!!



  • EXPORTS – Mon Inspections were 596,000 MT (200-450) – Thur Sales Were 1.932MMT (1.4-2.1)
  • CROP RATINGS – Good-to-Exc dropped to 57% (LW-61)

Ill – 59 (67)     Ind – 47(49)    Iowa  –  62(63)

Blooming –  69(67)         Setting Pods –  29 (27)

These #’s opened the mkt sharply higher but it couldn’t hold the rally


Prod –         4.260 BB     (Est – 4.241, LY- 4.307)

Yield –         48.0 B/A     (Est – 47.8, LY – 52.1)

Stocks –      460 MB       (Est – 483)

Global –       93.5 MMT  (Est – 92.2)

  • WEATHER – “Hot & Dry” has been an issue this season but an inconsistent One – too often giving way to cool, wet periods

Even with this week’s precipitous drop from the highs, Nov Beans are still 40 cents up on the month – with the critical pod-setting dead ahead!


Dec Corn has had the roller coaster ride you would expect during the month of July – “POLLINATION MONTH” – rallying almost 25 cents in early July – only to break 36 cents from it’s highs off a bearish weather forecast!  The mkt, in effect, has traded down to the low end of its 4 month range – and this should probably hold the mkt – given its cheapness, a sharp reduction in corn acres, solid exports & a falling US Dollar!



  • EXPORTS – Mon Inspections were 935,000 MT (750-1.175) – Thur sales were 578,000 MT (350-800)

Mon – 135,000 MT to Unk

  • CROP RATINGS – Good-to-exc –  62% (LW-64)

Ill – 63(62)    Ind – 47(47)      Iowa – 68(71)

Silking – 67(69)


Prod –         14,065  BB (ly – 15,148)

Yield –         170.7 B/A  (ly – 174.6)

Stocks-       2,295 MB   (May – 2,295)

Global –      194.3 MMT (May -195.3)

  • WEATHER FORECASTS- it seems the mkt is only as good as its latest 6-10 or 8-14 forecast –as evidenced by the volatile swings Since late June –
  1. a) 40 cents up  (376 – 416)
  2. b) 34 cents down (416 – 3820
  3. c) 24 cents up (382 – 406)
  4.     d) 26 cents down  (406 – 380)

In the last two months, Dec corn has been in a broad range (374-418) a full-fledged drought is not the scenario – but there are enough crop issues to keep the mkt range-bound – non-weather factors such as a falling dollar, a rallying crude oil mkt & solid exports are helping to support!!


Day two of the Wheat Quality Council Tour found average Spring wht yields at 35.8 bu/a (ly – 46.9  avg – 46.6) – today is the last day of the tour!  It appears the mkt rallied hard since Mid-May – over $3.00 in the Minn Spg Wht contract – but overstated the damage- then corrected – but now the crop tour is re-acquainting the trade with how much damage was exacted upon the crop!



After dropping $13 since early June, Aug Cat has fallen into a $5.00 range (113-118) for the past 6 weeks! The Bears point to a down cash mkt, upcoming production increases for the 3rd & 4th Qtr & a large long open interest!  The Bulls have a large discount to cash on their side!  As a result, the two opposite camps are offsetting each other –keeping the mkt range-bound!



Despite the “Dog Days of Summer” & a slumping , stagnant cattle mkt, Aug Hogs have hung tough – still remaining within a few dollars of their early July highs!

The strength is derived from two factors:

  • Oct Hogs have a $22 discount to cash – normally its $14
  • The 7/25 Cold Storage showed a 30 % drop in pork belly stocks

From last month – 22,291 (31,589) – reflecting the “uber demand” for Bacon – nowadays!



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