From the daily archives: Monday, April 24, 2017

As a reminder…Wed, Apr 26th is the Last Trading Day for ALL the April Metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Palladium, COMEX 1000oz Silver, eMICR Gold, ICE Mini Gold & Mini Silver).  We ask that you do not wait until the last minute to exit any of the April Metals. Wed, Apr 26th is also the […]

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Morning Grains. 04/24/17

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DJ Summary for April USDA Monthly Cattle on Feed Data
Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s monthly cattle-on-feed report, released at 3 p.m. ET Friday, and analysts’ estimates as compiled by the Wall Street Journal.
Numbers USDA’s Average Range
2017 2016 estimated of analysts’ of analysts’
% of prev yr […]

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Morning Softs. 04/24/17

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General Comments: Cotton was mostly higher again on Friday, but May was lower before the deliveries start the next week. The mills finally covered on call positions that they made in the cash market and this buying interest was not seen on Friday as had been seen for much of last week. The […]

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The minions have spoken and the corrupt politicians should soon get an education that they cannot continue to bamboozled the voters they were elected to represent. This is a warning that taxation without representation will not be tolerated and will not be forgotten as they think we are too stupid to remember. Raising taxes at […]

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Viva La Oil. The Energy Report 04/24/17

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Oil prices are creeping back as global markets breathe a sigh of relief in the aftermath of the French elections. Crude oil sold off hard on geo-political risk and the perception that U.S. oil production is going to offset OPEC production cuts even if it’s not true. Of course the market believes it, at least […]

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