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All week, May Beans was completely focused on the Mar 9 Report & the expectation it would ramp up the SA crops!  Indeed, it did – increasing Brazilian Beans by 4 MA & Brazilian Corn by 5MA.  This coupled with waning exports & a plummeting crude oil mkt – all contributed to a 30 cent lower week – as the mkt neared the 2017 lows!



  • EXPORTS – Mon Inspections were 921,779 MT (550-750) – Thur sales Were 515,000 MT (350-550)

Wed – 122,000 meal to Philippines

  • MAR 9 USDA REPORT – the #’s, as expected, all came in higher than expected

US Stockpiles       –     435 MB (414)

Global Stockpiles       82.8 MMT (81.3)

Brazil Beans          –     108 MMT (1061.1)

Arg Beans                    55.5 MMT (55.1)

  • CRUDE OIL – had a brutal week loosing 10% (53.40 – 48.98) –as the Mkt entered “freefall” mode – falling to 3-month lows- oversupply & an Extremely mild winter so far were targeted as the culprits
  • TECHNICAL DAMAGE – the mkt easily took out the Feb lows en route To the 2017 lows (1001) – pulling up just short late Friday
  • US ACREAGE – is widely expected to be increased by 4-5million acres & this has been overhanging the mkt

The first half of Jan looked very promising for May Beans as they  climbed 85 cents (1001-1086) off Argentina weather woes.  But they were exaggerated while Brazilian bean production kept getting ratcheted up!  The result was a complete retracement of the Jan rally as the mkt settled on Fri basically unchanged for the year!


Since early Jan, May Corn has been basically range bound (360-386) & in the last two weeks, the mkt has gone from the top to the bottom of the range!  This past week, May Corn lost 17 cents – as the Thur USDA Report – showed a 5 MMT increase in Brazil’s corn crop.  This in addition to the plummet of crude oil simply overcame the mkt!



  • EXPORTS- Mon Inspections were 1,444,972 MMT (1.0-1.3) – Thur sales Were 834,000 MT (700-1,000)
  • MAR 9 USDA – reflected neutral & negative #’s – but taken with the beans #’s – yielded an overall bearish  reaction

US Stockpiles –           2,320 MB (2,320)

Global Stockpiles       220.7 MMT (218.6)

Brazil Corn                  91.5 MMT (86.5)

Arg Corn –                    37.5 MMT (36.6)

  • CRUDE HURTS ETHANOL – with the precipitous drop in May Crude Futures, Ethanol demand could well take a hit
  • BULLS HANGING ON – US acreage is still forecast down 4-5 million acres & The mkt is hovering just over 7-8 year lows

May Corn is back down to basically unchanged for the year & probably  needs some type of weather premium – with the planting season dead ahead!


May Wht was more a victim of its sister mkts, May Beans (down – 30) & May Corn (down 17) – than anything else last week – as it incurred a wkly loss of 14!


  • WW ACREAGE is still the lowest in over 100 years
  • THE WW CROP is still in need of moisture
  • EVEN THOUGH EGYPT recently rejected 3 cargoes of wht, They’re still quite active  in the export mkt
  • THE USDA REPORT actually reflected lower US Stockpiles Than expected & marginally higher world stockpiles

Wht is hovering just over 10 year lows but needs help from Corn & beans to rally from here!


In a down week for grains & crude oil, Apl Cat performed well gaining $1.50 (116 – 117.50)!


!) RETAIL DEMAND- is still strong even at a level $10 higher than last fall

2) A JUMP IN BEEF PRICES – has supported

3) APL CAT’S huge discount to cash has priced in the bearish 2nd Qtr supplies

4) WHEREAS the 2nd Qtr is expected to reflect a big increase in production,

Short term supplies are relatively tight

The uptrend is still intact!


Apl Hogs have been confined to a tight range (66.50-69.50) since Mid-Feb but this past week, managed to eke out a $.75 gain –  in spite of the fact that 2nd Qtr Pork  production is expected to be 6.7% over 2016.  However, supporting the mkt is:

  • A BIG DISCOUNT –already in Apl Hogs
  • VERY STRONG EXPORTS – from Mexico & China
  • STRONG DOMESTIC “D” – for bacon



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