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Mar Beans had a real roller-coaster ride – buffeted by the world ‘s voracious appetite for our grains & a slumping dollar – against benevolent weather in South America – promising a record crop – at least in Brazil!  S/A trumped all forcing a 27 cent weekly loss & a close at 1032 – a two week low!



  • EXPORTS – Mon Inspections were 1,145,000 MMT (LW – 1,049,000) Thur sales were 1,097 MMT (500 – 750)

Tues –  142,5000 MT – Mexico

  • SOUTH AMERICA – early concerns that heavy rains & flooding had hurt Soybean yields in Argentina have given way to ideas that the wet weather may actually deliver better-than-expected yields – and on top of this, Brazil’s harvest is running well ahead of schedule & is expected to be A record
  • US DOLLAR – hasn’t made new highs in almost 2 months & it appears the 14 year highs scored late last December – may be it – a lower dollar Would go a long way in fortifying our exports – which have been robust Anyway
  • BIRD FLU – is getting a lot of lip service but we feel long term – it won’t Be a major mkt factor
  • FUND BUYING & INFLATION – the funds seem interested in buying undervalued commodities –  Beans & Corn would certainly qualify
  • TRUMP WILDCARD – they say a “rising tide floats all boats” & Should Trumps Presidency ultimately be good for business – as many feel –Then there would certainly be a spillover into the grains
  • WHAT WINTER? Chicago has just finished its 4th record-setting day of 65-70 temps – in a virtually “snowless” winter – could this be a Harbinger for this summer!

The mkt is currently dialing in a record Brazilian Crop but exports keep coming!  And what if US 2017 growing weather isn’t so great?


After posting a 6-month high last Thur, Mar Corn reversed 12 cents to finish the week at 368 – down 6 cents!  Contributing to the reversal was benevolent SA growing conditions, adverse trade rumors about Mexico, general Farmer selling & a 30 cent break in Mar Beans.



  • EXPORTS – Mon Inspections were 1,258,000 (LW -1,123,000) – Thur sales were 1,068,000 (800-1.1)

Mon – 101, 600 MT to Unk

Tues –  229,000 MT to Japan

Fri –      194,112 MT to Japan

  • SOUTH AMERICA – analysts say Argentine crop losses due to Excessive rain aren’t as bad as originally thought & Brazil Is on a record pace
  • DEMAND – exports have been nothing short of robust & ethanol demand Is strong
  • MEXICO – Trump’s early rhetoric implies that Mexico may buy more S/A corn at the expense of the US
  • FARMER SELLING- from both hemispheres curbs rallies from time to time
  • LESS ACRES – talk is 2-4 million less acres of corn getting planted In a few months – we’ll see – but definitely less than 2016!
  • 8-9 YEAR LOWS – three consecutive years of bumper crops have Driven prices down to 2008-2009 lows – that’s plenty cheap as you

Well know Simply put, the mkt is extremely undervalued & a host of factors could rally corn – not the least of which is weather!  I mean 70 degrees in Feb & no snow – REALLY?


Much like Mar Corn, Mar Wht succumbed to an extreme over-bought condition with a strong key reversal on Thursday –going from 10 cents higher to 10 lower! when the smoke cleared, the mkt closed 8 cents lower on the week – after posting new highs for the move early Thursday.  The reversal was more technically driven than fundamentally!



  • EXPORTS – Mon Inspections were 307, 506 MT (LW – 682,840) – Thur sales were 588,000 MT (300-5000
  • CORN & BEANS – when Mar Corn loses 10 & Mar Beans 30, Mar Wht Will lose as well as it’s the traditional “weak sister”!
  • WINTER WHEAT – no snow cover but no cold weather either – So it’s a wash!
  • WORLD CROPS – a larger Indian crop & a record Australia crop both Helped to pressure the mkt last week – the Russian crop is down From 2016 but that’s old news
  • OPEN INTEREST – is down 29,339 contracts since Jan 31st on Short covering

Mar Wht is still the upside leader as US Wheat is a little more competitive on the world mkt


After a near $20 run-up since Nov, Apr Cat corrected $8 since Mid-Jan but last week stabilized – gaining $2.25 for the week!


  • Apr Cat holds a massive discount to cash Beef Production from the 4th Qtr to the 1st Qtr is expected to show The biggest drop on record
  • A surge in Hog prices helped support active buying in cattle

Amazingly, cattle demand –  even after a $12 rally – is still strong!


Apr Hogs assumed the upside leadership in the meat complex – punching out new highs in early Feb at $72.50.  This mkt has drawn strength from record pork exports in Dec & tremendous bacon demand! But there are worries on the horizon.


  • Bird flu is lifting its ugly head in China – jeopardizing demand there
  • Trump’s heavy handed rhetoric is suggesting a trade war with Mexico – impeding demand there
  • The mkt is extremely overbought

Still, last week, April Hogs advanced $1.00!


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