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The Jan Crop Report ignited Mar Beans near vertical 80 cent move (1000-1080) & it was extended by too much rain in Argentina!  Some recent dryness there has forced a 25% correction – but this is considered reasonably tame!  Also, underpinning the  rally  have been solid exports & a weakening dollar!



  • EXPORTS – Mon Inspections were 1,290,777 MMT (LW – 1,420, 068) – Fri  Sales were 979,000 MT (400-600)
  • JAN 12 USDA REPORT – final 2016 production was 4.307 BB & 52.1 B/A – These are both records but have been well-chronicled since harvest Was over
  • SOUTH AMERICAN WOES – it’s been way too wet in Argentina & some Analysts are reducing their crop estimates by 3-5 MMT
  • US DOLLAR AT A TOP? – This mkt hasn’t made new highs since Mid-Dec & the chart formations look toppy! It wouldn’t be surprising if the Mkt – after reaching 14 year highs – has topped out! Recent exports Have been impressive – imagine what they’d be with a much lower Dollar
  • THE TRUMP WILDCARD – the first “businessman President” in recent Memory promises to right the ship economically & we believe It will happen – & the spillover will be beneficial to all mkts – including The AGs!

Despite the recent 80 cent run-up, the Bean mkt is still simply too cheap to withstand any weather issues from either hemisphere!


After dawdling in a 3-month range (344-368), Mar Corn has finally come alive – punching out new 6-month highs last Friday.  With the Bean/Corn ratio already at a 20 year high, Mar Corn decided to start “keeping up” with Mar Beans!



  • EXPORTS – Mon Inspections were 963,897 MT (LW-902,528) – Fri Sales were 1,367,000 (900-1.2)

Tues – 102,944 MT to Unk

Thur –   110,400 MT to Unk

  • JAN 12 USDA REPORT – final 2016 production was 15,148 BB & 174.6 B/A However, these #’s weren’t exactly a revelation to the mkt place – Which has traded a 15 BB plus crop for 2-3 months now
  • SOUTH AMERICA – it’s either too dry or too wet & Mar Corn is “feeling it”!  Again, much like Mar Beans, the contract is way too Cheap to absorb ANY weather issues in either S/A or the US!
  • THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR – it’s very significant how robust exports Have been recently – given that the US $ is at a 14 year high – Imagine what they could be with even a 35% correction in its value?
  • LESS ACRES – whether its 2 or 4 million less acres, the reduction Will be very supportive to corn in 2017
  • 8 YEAR LOWS – a mkt at the same level as it was in 2009 – is very sensitive to any bullish news

Any one of several factors – lower acreage, good exports, a lower US Dollar & weather issues – either South or North – can rally this mkt! If it’s more than one, then look out!


Mar Wht consolidated its gains from a late Dec  40 cent rally (392 -437) as it fed off the lowest winter acreage  since 1909  & a declining dollar  while still confronting record high carry-out!



  • EXPORTS- Mon Inspections were 226,205 MT (LW – 385,495) – Fri Sales Were 245,000 MT (250-750) –
  • WINTER WHEAT ACREAGE – the USDA reported 32,383 MA- the lowest In over 100 years but this # has been well factored in
  • HUGE NET SHORT POSITION – at 92,733 contracts- which is the largest Short position for any AG mkt – that’s a massive “buying pool” Should any bullish news come along
  • HUGE RUSSIAN CROP – is coming & will weigh on the world mkt
  • EGYPT – bought 235,000 MT of wht over the W/E – three cargoes From Russia & one from Romania – a good sign for the world mkt
  • US DOLLAR – a big drop in the US Dollar from14 year highs – Could do more for the price of wht – than anything else!
  • 10 YEAR LOW – historically low wht prices will eventually turn the mkt!

The old commodity axiom “LOW PRICES CURE LOW PRICES” will come home to roost for the 2017 wht contracts!


The impressive $21 run-up (98-118) in Feb Cat since Mid-Oct has become overbought but this condition has been alleviated by consolidation & not reversal type action!


  • Post Holiday Demand has been much stronger than anticipated
  • The surge in open interest has accompanied the rally – a very positive sign
  • Despite the steep run-up, April Cat is still discount to cash

DEMAND trumps all right now!


After an $18 rally (48-66) from Mid-Oct to Mid-Dec, Feb Hogs have fallen into a sideways pattern – where normal season strength has been offset by an expected big supply ahead!


  • The production decline from the 1st to 2nd Qtr – at 90 MP – is said to be The smallest in 15 years
  • A sweeping technical reversal a few days back did not follow thru down
  • Being winter, storms could spring up at any time – underpinning the mkt

A rallying cattle mkt may keep Feb Hogs in a consolidation mode!
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